Ciro Rosso Gaglioppo 2014 S Venere

Ciro Rosso Gaglioppo 2014 S Venere image

Incredible value southern Italian red from a revived local grape.   Hints of rose petal on the aroma, rich in ripe berried fruits, sweet balsamic character with a smooth velvety palate and just enough grip.   Produced from organically-grown grapes just half a kilometre from the Ionian Sea on Santa Venere's mixed farm, they also make cheese from their Charolais cattle herd - and olive oils from their many hectares of olive trees.

The wonderful Gaglioppo grape reminds me a little of Nebbiolo with its floral hints and touch of leather, but it is much more approachable and enticing in its youth.  Gaglioppo has been around for centuries, first documented in 1240, believed to have been brought to Italy from Greece back in 8th century BC.

I am delighted that the wild Calabria region (in Italy's toe) is now featuring more on wine lists, this region has so much to offer but is often neglected by wine merchants.



Grape: Gaglioppo

Region: Calabria, southern Italy

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: £8.75

Stockist: The Wine Society