Mantinia Moschofilero 2019 Semeli

Mantinia Moschofilero 2019 Semeli image

A popular wine at our recent Greek tasting - made by the 'Master of Moschofilero' winemaker Leonidas Nassiakos.

Moschofilero is one of Greece's highest quality white grapes.  This highly aromatic pink-skinned grape is grown all over Greece, but most popular on the high Mantinia plateau in the Peloponnese.  The name derives from moschato (meaning aromatic).

Leonidas Nassiakos runs Semeli winery majoring on this white grape (he also makes good red Agiogitiko).  This example comes from the Zevgolatio slopes in Mantinia, part of the mountainous ancient area of Arcadia.

Nassiakos picks in two batches: one part from higher altitude vineyards at 650m to add acidity and freshness - and the remainder from lower slopes to add ripe fruits.

This fresh unoaked crisp white has elegant floral rose petal aromas, citric fruits, moderate alcohol (12.5%) with a long aromatic finish.  A perfect springtime white for the hammock - or to match with greek salad, grilled chicken or meaty fish.


Grape: Moschofilero

Origin: Mantinia, Peloponnese, Greece

Winery: Semeli

Winemaker: Leonidas Nassiakos

Soil: Clay

Altitude: 650m

Winemaking: Handpicked on 23-26 Sept & transporterd in small baskets; chilled to 7-8 degrees C in cold storage, pressed by pneumatic press, settling/ferment in stainless steel at 16-17 degrees C.  No oak.

Alcohol: 12.5%

Price: £15.95

Stockists: Corney & Barrow; Borders Wines